Pharmaceutics Chaudhuri Lab

Pharmaceutics, the science and engineering of drug dosage form design, is a highly multi-disciplinary field requiring expertise in chemistry, engineering, pharmacy, materials science, mathematics, and the biological sciences. The area of research ranges from fundamental studies of the physicochemical properties of drugs and related molecules to dosage forms and delivery systems.

The field of pharmaceutics is innovative and exciting, allowing students to make beneficial contributions to the scientific world. Pharmaceutical scientists are currently developing new materials and formulations for improved drug delivery systems, and engineering new systems to improve and expedite the drug development process. The Pharmaceutics Group at the University of Connecticut offers educational and research opportunities in several areas that contribute substantially to students’ overall academic experience. Upon completion of the program, students are faced with exciting, fulfilling, and lucrative career opportunities.

The University of Connecticut at Storrs offers a Ph.D. program in pharmaceutics as well as specialized training for post-doctoral fellows and visiting faculty. Active research is crucial in this graduate program and emphasizes the physical, chemical and engineering aspects of pharmaceutics. The graduate program doesn’t generally consider applications for a terminal Master Degree. A major center of excellence within the discipline is the Center for Pharmaceutical Processing Research.

Faculty with research foci in this discipline include:
Robin Bogner, Diane Burgess, Bodhi Chaudhuri, Xiuling Lu, Raman Bahal, Na Li

Emeritus Faculty: Devendra Kalonia

For general questions on the Pharmaceutics graduate program, contact division coordinator Diane Burgess.