Financial Support

FundingGraduate assistantships are the primary source of funding for graduate students in the department. An assistantship is a financial award to a graduate student for work in teaching and/or research while pursuing an advanced degree. Appointments as teaching assistants usually require 10 – 20 hours of teaching service per week and are usually held by students starting the program. More senior students typically hold full research assistantships. In addition to the annual stipend, graduate assistants are entitled to a waiver of tuition (but not associated fees) for the period of appointment in accordance with university policy. These appointments also include a benefit of health insurance for the student through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Additional information is available on the Graduate School website.

Fellowship Opportunities

Named Departmental Fellowships

  • Karl A. Herzog Ph.D. ’71 Memorial Fellowship in Pharmaceutics
  • Gerald J. Jackson Memorial Fellowship
  • Michael J. Pikal Graduate Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Philip Rosenberg and Steven D. Cohen Graduate Fellowship in Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • R. E. Singiser Memorial Fellowship
  • Richardson-Vicks Summa Fellowship

Support Students

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