Department Centers

Program in Innovative Therapeutics for Connecticut’s Health (PITCH)

The Program in Innovative Therapeutics for Connecticut’s Health, or PITCH, is a collaboration between the University of Connecticut, UConn Health, and Yale University to promote new business ventures that emerge from groundbreaking drug research. The goal is to translate basic science discoveries into therapeutic strategies that can be used to treat disease and improve human health.

Contact – Dennis Wright


Center for Pharmaceutical Processing Research

The Center for Pharmaceutical Process Research is a collaborative program that brings together select universities and industry colleagues for cooperative research projects between academia and industry. The mission of the Center for Pharmaceutical Process Research is to foster an interdisciplinary approach to pharmaceutical processing-related research, to catalyze interaction between industrial and academic scientists, and to make the application of a basic science approach to formulation and manufacture of drug products an integral part of graduate pharmaceutical education.

Contact – Robin Bogner


Center for Biochemical Toxicology

The Center for Biochemical Toxicology at the University of Connecticut fosters excellence in toxicology research and education and trains the scientists needed to deal with local, regional, and national issues involving toxic substances, their use, and their regulation. These scientists are employed both locally and nationally in government, industry and academia.

Contact – José Manautou